Introducing the first all-in-one earplug.

  • Cost effective
  • Tangle resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Advances health & safety
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Recyclable
PATENT: PCT/IB2019/054224
South African Aesthetic Design Application No. A2019/01137
South African Functional Design Application No. F2019/01138

About PluXone™

The patented PluXone™ is designed to combine cost efficiency, ergonomics and recyclability. Integrating the holder, cords and earplugs makes it easier to keep hygienic for longer safe use and makes recycling economically viable.

How it works

PluXone™ contains the plugs, storage caps and cord all as one part.
The plugs are pulled in opposing directions to uncoil to required cord length.
The uncoiled PluXone™ can be easily used, cleaned, stored and re-used.

What makes PluXone™ different?

  • Single part
    There are no individual parts that can break easily.
  • Tangle-resistant
    The tangle-resistant cord saves time and results in less plugs being discarded due to tangled cords. The cord is coiled around the holder when the earplugs are stowed, which reduces cord entanglement when the user re-applies the earplug set.
  • Easy to clean
    The rope is not braided and the domes can easily be inverted. It is not difficult to reach part joints.
  • Easy to keep clean
    The re-closable hygienic container caps makes it easier to keep clean when not in use. Cleaner plugs can result in less product turnover and this reduces costs.

PluXone™ advances health and safety in the workplace

  • Single Visible colour
    A single visible colour makes it easy to check user conformance.
  • Less irritation
    Less cord noise transmitted to the ear.
  • Tangle-resistant
    The cord is closer to your face, which has less risk of entanglement with the working environment.
  • Easy to keep clean
    The re-closable hygienic caps makes it easier to keep clean when not in use and helps protect the user from possible ear infections and irritations.

PluXone™ ergonomic design

It has a user selectable cord length.
The cord path is close to the body and offers less risk of entanglement.
The earplug is a comfortable 3 dome plug and there is no need to roll down the plug prior to insertion.
Sound test

Tested according to EN352-2

SNR: 25 dB H: 25 dB M: 21 dB L: 20 dB
f/Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mean (dB) 26,0 27,7 25,1 25,8 26,5 28,5 32,9 41,5
StD (dB) 4,3 6,5 6,1 5,6 6,4 4,8 6,4 5,9
APV (dB) 21,7 21,2 19,0 20,2 20,1 23,7 26,5 35,6
StD = Standard Deviation
APV = Assumed Protection Value
SNR = Single Number Rating
H = High frequency attenuation value
M = Medium frequency attenuation value
L = Low frequency attenuation value

PluXone™ earplugs places less of a burden on our planet.

The patented single material earplugs is economically recyclable and results in less product turnover. The earplugs can be stored inside the integral caps and obviated the need for wasteful secondary packaging.

Single material design makes recycling into new products economically viable. Speak to your supply chain about returning used earplugs to us for recycling.

Want to place an order?

Fetotech is the exclusive supplier of PluXone™ earplugs.